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KOK e.V.-German NGO network against trafficking in human beings  - launched together with La Strada International – European NGO Network against Trafficking in Human Beings, ‘datACT - data protection in anti-trafficking action’ - a joint project on data protection in anti-trafficking responses. The aim of datACT is to promote the rights of trafficked persons to privacy and autonomy and to protect their personal data.

datACT will raise awareness and build capacity among NGO counseling centers in selected European countries to protect the confidentiality between the counselor and trafficked persons and to assist them in providing safe and anonymized data to European data collection procedures. Further, it seeks to inform trafficked persons about control procedures to secure their personal data.

The project will create alliances for data protection among the relevant stakeholders, including NGO counseling centers, National Rapporteur Mechanisms or equivalent structures, IGOs and national data protection authorities.

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