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Mission Statement

datACT strongly believes that trafficked persons are autonomous human beings and not powerless persons whose personal data have to be identified, registered and stored. Trafficked persons share the same rights to privacy as any other citizen and bearer of human rights.

datACT seeks to turn the ‘victim-centered approach’ of current anti-trafficking interventions into an ‘agency-centered approach’ that would allow trafficked persons to have low threshold and anonymous access to support and protection structures without going through official screening and formal identification procedures.

datACT supports the  creation of an environment of anonymous counseling and alternative options in which trafficked persons can truly make informed decisions and can act upon available choices.

Finally, the project aims at transforming the politics of ‘victim identification’ that makes the access for trafficked persons to support structures conditional on profiling, screening and qualifying procedures. datACT promotes a low-threshold local access for vulnerable persons to international protection and global justice.


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